LVT Laminate

LVT Laminate Flooring

LVT Laminate


Lvt and laminate are two different kinds of flooring solutions that are said to enjoy the preferences for the beauty and benefits they carry. Although the two appear quite similar, there is the difference that we at wants you to have in knowledge. 

lvt flooring is a pretty thin, flexible, and versatile flooring solution that is constructed in multiple layers. The texture and surface of the floor appear to be similar to the material consumed. Thereby, emulating the authenticity of the wood material and making it an ideal option for areas with high traffic. The waterproof and scratch-resistant feature is something that assists in preventing underfloor heating.

Comparatively, laminate flooring is constructed with fiberboard under the floor with an amazing yet surprising texture that differentiates it from the two different types of vinyl. When choosing to have it installed, there is no need to think twice about the area of installation.

Features of Our LVT Laminate


  • Material

The manufacturing of lvt and laminate differs. Where lvt is constructed out of Pvc, laminate uses high-density fiberboards for construction. This is why laminate features environment-friendly and affordability benefits while lvt is another name for comfort under the foot. 

  • Waterproof 

Water resistance for any floor is simply a key. Where lvt is being produced out of PVC, it justifies it being waterproof. This means that no matter the style, size, and design, one does not need to think twice about the area of installation. Comparatively, laminate flooring is not a completely waterproof solution. Prior to installing laminate in high-traffic areas, it is essential to think about the precautions so that it does not get damaged too early. One of the types of laminate flooring, named “quickstep” is a 100% waterproof solution for everyone. 

  • Installation

Concerning the cleaning and installation, there is something stressing for the doer. Although the flooring solutions are easily installed, the best a majority find about them is they being free from adhesive and nail. As compared to laminate, lvt flooring requires a little more skills and of course experience.

Why Choose Us?


Are you confused with the versatility that the two carries? It may be a tough decision to make. But versatility coming in from different designs is what adds more to the value. From the simplicity to the patterns and themes added to the floor, this can be a great way to make the audience enjoy, feel loved, and have patience.

What kind of flooring solution do you plan to have? If it’s the remodeling of the bathroom or kitchen, lvt works wonders for it being non-slippery and last longer than the expected time. If you are looking forward to feeling the softness underfoot, it is high time to choose lvt for the luxe underfoot. Alongside the benefit of flexibility in pricing, the number of features along with scratch-resistant features makes it ideal. Additionally, the beauty and grace coming from the designs along with the free doorstep delivery and installation are what makes them extra-ordinary.