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LVT Parquet Flooring

LVT Parquet Flooring


Lvt parquet flooring has been recognized as one of the popular styles of flooring during the times when a large number of people choose to have modern grey shades floor. It has been believed that when the two, i.e. the grey shades and traditional oaks colour seem together, it adds life to the overall interior. If you are looking for something timeless in character? There is no better option than the smaller blocks in the form of lvt parquet flooring. Do you know that such flooring is available in both sheet and tile form and is durable enough to last longer than expected? What makes a majority go for it is it’s comfort underfoot with the softness of the vinyl.

On the other hand, this flooring has also been recognized as the wood flooring that we can help create in multiple patterns and regular or geometric designs. When in tile form, this anti-slippery flooring is known to have been cut into different shapes including, diamond, square, rhombuses, and triangles. From the versatility to the charm and warmth, such a flooring solution has everything one may be looking for an ideal kitchen, bedroom, and living room floor. What is the area of installation? Is it your launch? Going with a brighter theme can help make it a perfect fit for the floor and also makes it appear spacious despite the small size.

At, we are concerned about the quality construction in order to offer the quality output people have been looking for years. Our professionals create such a flooring with the use of wide range of wood species, including maple, cherry, walnut, etc. or any other material as demanded by the customer. Among the types of flooring, this solid wood parquet flooring solution is achieved via the use of different pieces of timber. The production comprises multiple layers, thereby offering an identical finished appearance.

Concerning the installation, we as professionals find it easier maybe due to the vast experience we carry. All the individual wooden tiles that we offer are installed using the cold adhesive that helps offer an attractive result. With easy to maintain and clean feature, this has been an ideally preferred solution for now.

Why Choose Us ?


Basically lvt parquet floorings are designed with the sole purpose to replicate the solid wood flooring. Its attractive features including its being resistance to water are what makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom and other high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial property. The textured appearance it offers is again a noticeable point that makes us recommend it.

Want to grab this amazing floor for your kitchen? Our genuine advice is to go for it and enjoy to the maximum with our free doorstep delivery!