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LVT Floor Tiles


With innovation, advances and improvements in home designs, tile flooring ideas are now expanding beyond kitchens and bathrooms. Looking for the best flooring option for your home? Yes! tile flooring may be proved as the best option for your space. Whether you are planning to innovate or you just want to change the small space, the tile flooring can be a worth considering option. No matter if you are searching for tiles for the interior or exterior, you can visit, which is offering a wide variety of lvt floor tiles all over the UAE. The anti-slippery feature of our lvt floor tiles makes them special and demanding. It will reduce accidental slipping and falls in your home. You can use our lvt floor tiles to enhance the beauty of your living room, make your room dramatic and so on.

Characteristics of Our LVT Floor Tiles


Our lvt flooring tiles come with a lot of great benefits which are as follows.

  • Variety of Designs, Colors and Patterns

With the lvt floor tiles, there are a lot of possibilities available. Our store is enriched with a wide variety of tiles. They are available in different designs, colors, patterns and materials as well. You can create a unique flooring design for your home with your imagination and creativity.

  • Water Resistant

The another great benefit of installing our lvt floor tiles is that they are water and moisture resistant. It means these tiles are a sensible flooring option for the areas like washroom, kitchen and basement, where there is moisture and use of water. These tiles are specially manufactured to stand against the daily use of water. With the passage of time, they will not lose their beautiful look.

  • Customization at its Peak

If you have a special design related to the tile flooring in your mind then visit us without any hesitation. We will make the tiles according to your desires. When it comes to customization, our brand has helped a lot of people to give their desired look to the home. You can also get the tiles in your required size. This will help you especially if you have complicated area shapes in the home.

  • Maintenance and Durability

The maintenance effort required with our lvt tile flooring is minimal in any situation. Our tiles can be cleaned easily. Regular mopping will help to make them attractive and shiny. These tiles have a long life span. Their looks do not diminish over time and regular cleaning helps to keep them looking brand new.

Why Choose Us ?


We at , only rely on amazing quality. Our prices are pocket friendly and we have all the new and trendy designs which you are looking for. All you need to visit our store. If you can’t visit us then contact us. Our representatives will visit your place along with the sample for your satisfaction. We provide doorstep delivery and installation service as well.