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Whether you are shifting to a new home or opting for a renovation, flooring is one of the go-to options to make any room look refined. It adds a visual element of patterns, texture, and colors to a usually plain room. It can even help reflect the personal taste of the person.

At LVT flooring, you will find premium and the most demanding type of flooring. Our LVT flooring has higher durability and is easy to maintain. We are one of the best LVT flooring suppliers in Dubai. With various designs and qualities of LVT flooring, we strive to deliver the finest products, and you can easily order them from our website. 

Benefits of LVT flooring 


  • Beautiful designs 

There are different types of designs ranging from bright colors to woodgrain. We have eye-catching designs. There are endless designs to choose from. They are authentic in appearance and give a realistic representation of wood flooring or ceramic ones. You can check out some of the designs of LVT flooring for sale during festivals. 

  • Durability 

Our LVT flooring has an unmatched level of durability. Our experts focus on the material for the sake of durability to the customers with our product. LVT flooring is more robust than wood.  The average lifespan of LVT is 25 to 30 years depending on the maintenance, traffic, and location. 

  • Waterproof

Almost all types of LVT floorings are 100 percent waterproof making them ideal for areas like kitchen or washrooms where there is excess water 

  • Insulates sound 

Unlike other types of flooring, LVT flooring is quieter to walk on.

LVT flooring

LVT flooring is an excellent answer for interior decor as it proposes the texture and richness of elegant flooring substances like ceramic tiles, real wood, stone, etc. These floorings are convenient in the way of sheets and planks. They are not only cheap as they pertain to tiles and real wood and also they are easy to establish and provide a reasonable level of relief.

The Luxury Vinyl Tile of LVT is tough yet delicate underfoot. It helps in preserving a cool climate in summer. Our LVT wood flooring provides a defensive and faithful top layer that withstands flaws, stains, and marks. LVT Floor is very easy to tidy up and it is more unsusceptible to tints and tumbles.

It is proper to be verified where there is hefty foot traffic. We are delivering outstanding LVT floor Tiles and association service at an admirable expense. LVT Flooring is developed from so many different layers. The surface has a developed layer that is very reasonable in grade. The top of the flooring sheet is preserved with a coating of transparent wrapping that etches it and gives a comprehensive peek.  This floor is very beneficial.

LVT flooring is primarily the most flexible flooring convenient in the market. We have years of ordeal in stocking this flooring all over to many residential and marketable clients. The crucial motive for evolving the top option LVT Floor is that it is steadfast, long-lasting, stain-resistant, and most significantly it comes with a stunningly shiny impression. 

LVT flooring
  • Versatility 

LVT flooring is versatile and practical. Its durability, robustness, and waterproof properties make it easier to install into any room in your apartment. This flooring can even withstand high footfall with busy areas like hallways and living spaces. 

  • Easy to look after 

LVT floorings are extremely low maintenance. All you need to do is keep the flooring clean. Sweep regularly and then clean with a spray mop to remove any stubborn stains. 

  • Affordable 

The prices of LVT flooring are extremely affordable. For example, a wooden floor would require you to send hundreds of dirhams for a small patch. LVT flooring can help you create that illusion at a very affordable rate. Since there will be very less maintenance and there will be no special needs. This makes the overall cost of owning LVT flooring friendly for all classes of clients. 

Our flooring is affordable, perfect for cold, anti-slippery and we are famous for making elegant designs. Our flooring catches customers’ eyes. We even offer to buy the flooring according to the furniture in your house. 

Types of LVT flooring 

There are two main types of LVT flooring from the installation’s point of view. They are flooring that is fixed to the ground with glue or self-adhesive. There is an adhesive layer on the back and all you have to do is rip the protective film and position it on the plank or the tile and put the pressure down. 

Self-adhesive floorings require waiting for at least 24 to 48 hours after the installation. The other one is where we do not need any kind of glue and it can be used directly after installation. The glue-down flooring requires additional glue which is meant to be put on the floor and then the tiles are fixed to the adhesive layer. 

The four types of LVT flooring are 

  • Glue Down 
  • Loose Lay 
  • Rigid Core 
  • Click 

If you are looking for an LVT flooring supplier in Dubai, you have come to the right place. We at provide premium quality flooring. Feel free to contact us on (00971) 056 777 2414 for further queries or visit our website. 

Why choose LVT flooring?

Here, you will find LVT flooring tiles of high quality only. We provide tiles of tremendous quality made from extremely durable substances. Also, asunder from replenishing, we also verify LVT Flooring according to the passions and prerequisites of the customers. We only verify LVT luxury vinyl tiles according to the worldwide flooring standards, which specifically approximate the indoor or outdoor flooring conditions.

Our LVT flooring is the flooring of a promising quality that withstands the severe climate as well. As we are the proper vinyl LVT flooring suppliers, we provide the most strong and most available luxury vinyl tiles in this region. Our skilled fixing and building services for LVT flooring assure the long-lasting stability of the floor, authorize it to withstand heavy foot traffic, and create it reasonable to use. We give online aid to discern and order your desired flooring, and we’ll be at your doorstep to specify your flooring.

Engage with us with your desired query and avail of the best LVT flooring fixing and establishment assistance at low costs. Our customer assistance consultants are 24/7 prepared to accommodate our consumers with their desired questions and let it be done as prematurely as possible.


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