LVT On Stairs

LVT On Stair

LVT On Stairs


When it comes to the inside of your home, the major concern that rises is the flooring on which you walk. Making a choice for anything, especially the flooring and wall has never been an easy task. But a wise solution that always needs to be anti-slippery especially when it’s about stairs. For a double-story residence, stairs that are installed need to be special and luckily with the introduction of LVT, there is an opportunity and an option for the home owners.

Is it wise to install Lvt on stairs?

For high-risk areas in your home like the stairs, choosing to have the lvt installed can be considered a wise choice. Once installed, having a glance on the beautiful yet gorgeous-looking outcome is a wonder. The best about them is their easy maintenance, i.e. they are easy to clean when compared to the carpet and do allow creating a cohesive design. The layers in the production of lvt tiles justifies it with it’s thicker appearance more like a solid hardwood. With regards to the installation, such a stylish solution can be installed over the current tile. Thus, a cost-saving solution!

Is it essential to match the stair with the floor?

Generally speaking, “yes”. Since stairs play as a transition between two floors, it is a must to have them coordinated with upstairs and downstairs flooring. Our team leaders who are in the industry for years and years agree the two floors to match. 

Is LVT on the stairs anti-slippery?

Lvt is a mixture of some useful and quality flooring material. When having it installed on the stair, one of the major concerns is the anti-slippery feature. Being a non-slippery solution for the flooring, it serves to be a wonderful option for the stairs. Another plus point that it carries is it being easy to clean, thereby reducing the maintenance stress among the audience at large.

Why Choose Us?


We are a one-stop solution for the majority who are willing to give their entire home or office a beautiful yet trending appearance. From the quality that we offer to the finishing of the end product, we make sure things go wonderfully. Concerning the pricing, our existing and potential customers are completely satisfied as it matches the size of their pocket. Are you the one redoing your stair? If you do not want to install a wood for it being higher in cost, lvt on stairs is a wood-like solution. With easy to clean and install features, these even add more to it’s durability and let it last longer than the expected time period. We are also concerned about the patterns you choose for your flooring and offer what you demand by training the experts to add much needed skills to their skill set. Grab free consultancy and discounts at your most favorite furniture and enjoy the beautiful home inside for next two decades!